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Naomi Saxon - Personal and Business Coach

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Hello, my name is Naomi

I am a coach and I absolutely love the work I do. There is nothing more rewarding and motivating then seeing a client make positive changes in their lives, whether professionally, personally, or both. I feel privileged and humbled to be able to help facilitate that change. 


So why work with a coach? 


A good coach will be a catalyst in helping you achieve your dreams, aspirations, and goals.  They will act as a challenger, a supporter, a creative facilitator, a reflector, a prompter, a mirror holder, a driver, a motivator… I could go on. However, the real work comes from you, so it’s important you are ready to do the work before you start a coaching programme. 


My coaching style is generally warm, encouraging, and supportive. However, I don’t believe in telling my clients what they want to hear.  It is not in their best interest. I dig deep, and I ask the uncomfortable questions, not to be provocative for the sake of it but to help them think differently. If we keep the same thought patterns, we get stuck in the same cycles. My role is to facilitate change for my clients.  


I am inspired to work with individuals and businesses, where ethics are important either through the work they do, or through their values. I believe we all need to play a part in making the world a better place, however big or small.  


Wellbeing is so important.  To our health and happiness, our progression our ability to juggle priorities.   As such, I bring wellbeing into the coaching dynamic, either overtly as part of the programme, or subtly through questions and reflection.  


A bit about me personally. Professionally, I have 19 years HR experience, and within that I have always been drawn to the personal development side. When I am not working (and sometimes when I am!) I love being outdoors, either by the sea or in the mountains. I practice mindfulness daily, it keeps my overthinking in check!  I wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of coaching, so I am always working with my own coach to support my development. I am also qualified Personal Trainer, Reiki Master and accredited Mindfulness Teacher. These additional skills help me bring a wellbeing approach to my coaching programmes. 



Credentials and Memberships 


Barefoot Trained Coach (ICF Accredited Course) 

CIPD Associate 

ICF Member 

FSB Member 

BSOM – Mindfulness Meditation Teacher 

Qualified Personal Trainer 

Reiki Master 


If you like to chat more about coaching and whether it might be right for you, please get in touch.   You can either book a discovery call in the link below, or call or message, and we can go from there. 

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What Clients Say

"When I started working with Naomi, I was in a position where I was ready to take the next stage in my career but unsure where to begin. Since completing our sessions together, I've grown in confidence surrounding my career choices. Naomi’s guidance and general calm and kind demeanour have left me feeling supported and encouraged. This is due to her enabling me to reflect on what I've achieved so far, and how that can lead me forward as I continue to pursue my next career steps. I would recommend Naomi’s coaching not only if you are facing a period of transition, but if you are wanting to carve out some time where you work on yourself either personally or professionally. Thank you Naomi for all your help! "
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