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Working Together

For Individuals

Prioritising and investing in our own personal develop and growth can be difficult, but it is likely to not only benefit us personally but also those around us too!

Tailored Coaching Package 


People bring a variety of topics to coaching, whether it’s overcoming a fear, managing life changes, feeling stuck, the topics are endless.   Each coaching package can be tailored to suit your requirements!  However, whilst the lines can blur slightly, it is important to know I am not a professional therapist.  Please check out the FAQ’s, which explains the different between coaching and therapy. 

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Career Progression Program 

Walk away with being super clear on what you need to do to progress your career.  Each program is tailored specifically your needs, however areas of focus will generally be around, strengths, development areas, values, influencing styles and career relationships.  By the end of the program you will have made progress and gained clarity and confidence in your next steps.


Understanding Behavioural Strengths and Impacts

Understanding our own behavioural strengths can greatly benefit many areas of our lives.  This package includes a detailed behavioural strength report, a feedback session to go through the results and then a follow up 1 1/12-hour coaching session to explore how to use the results for progression.

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Wellness Coaching Program

This program will focus on your wellbeing as a whole.  Helping you develop strategies and practices that will enhance your overall sense of wellness.


Ongoing Regular Coaching
(9 sessions or more)

Some people benefit from regular ongoing coaching support which could cover a variety of different topics. It helps my clients keep on track with their goals, whilst managing life’s ups and downs. 


A good coach will be a catalyst in helping you achieve your dreams, aspirations, and goals.


Each program is tailored to suit your needs and support required between sessions, so prices vary. 

I always chat through prices and potential options upon enquiring.


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What Clients Say

"Before I started working with Naomi I was feeling very overwhelmed and a little directionless within my career. Naomi was calm, patient and gave me the tools to help me focus in on what was important to me and how to cope with the situations that I was struggling with. I now feel more confident in my own convictions and this is, in large part, due to Naomi's intuitive and sensitive approach to our sessions. She is very easy to talk to and I really enjoyed working with her."
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