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Fulfilling your Dreams and Goals

We all have a dream, an idea, a goal, something we want to accomplish or make progress on. However, how often do we go off track either staying at the start line, taking detours, or going in the other direction entirely. Whilst that is a whole subject matter in itself, here I explore how a bit of thought and structure, can help you to fulfil your dreams and goals.

What it’s not about?

Setting goals, doesn’t have to be about doing more, achieving more, being more etc etc…blah, blah. It’s not helpful to overload ourselves with unrealistic expectations. That’s just pressure, which if you can, I would avoid like an ice-cream in a sauna. However, we all have things in life we want to make progress on. We have dreams, visions, and areas of our life we want to nurture, prune and grow. So, what is the best way to stay on track? I believe there are some very simple strategies we can put in place, to give ourselves the best chance of success.

No 1 – Dig Deep on your why

If anything, just do this! I believe this is at the absolute heart of the matter. We don’t spend enough time really exploring what our reason is for our goal/dream, what is it going to make us feel, think and do differently, what happens when we achieve it and what happens if we don’t. It’s your core purpose, your drive, your reason. Therefore, it deserves deep reflection and consideration. This is what is going to help drive you to reaching your goal and keep you on track when it gets tough.

No 2 - Simplicity – What, When, How

I am a firm believer in keeping it simple. As a previous overcomplicator, I now very much welcome simple, easy, straight forward. A simple plan will help give clarity and direction. Be clear on exactly ‘what’ you are going to do to achieve your goal, I know that sounds obvious but be as specific as possible and break it down into smaller specific actions. Be clear on ‘when’ you are going to achieve your goal and what the progress points are. Think about ‘how’ you are going to achieve your goal, i.e., what support do you need, what resources etc. Who can support you? How will you manage your time? What will need to give, if anything?

No 3 - Write them Down

It’s been proven in studies, that you have a much higher chance of achieving your goals if you write them down. That’s not really new news is it? So why don’t we? Perhaps it is habit, or perceived lack of time, or perhaps not being motivated enough. Whatever the reason, I think it’s a useful reminder to get your ideas out your mind and written somewhere, accessible, and visible. I love Trello, simple, visual and easily accessible via my bookmarks. Other brands are available!

No 4 - Review Progress Regularly

When you cook a roast dinner, you don’t just chuck it all on, set the timer for an hour and hope for the best. Well, perhaps you do, but I would question its palatableness. You check, you observe, you tweak things as you go, different elements require different timing. Monitoring your goals is no different. Set some time aside to regularly review what’s working, what’s not, are you on track, what needs tweaking. Depending on your goal, this maybe daily, weekly or monthly etc. Pick the timing that is right for you but scheduling in time to review will help you stay on track.

No 5 - Celebrate Wins

Enjoy the journey, have fun and celebrate wins, no matter how small. Okay, I appreciate their maybe some goals where is trickier. I.e., a work/company goal, you don’t get, however even then I would suggest revisiting it with your manager. It’s important you both see its value and purpose. Enjoying the journey also means, being kind to yourself when things don’t go to plan. Berating yourself, won’t lead to a happy journey! Celebrating your wins and finding ways to enjoy the progress and the actions themselves, will greatly help you achieve your dreams and goals.

None of this is ground-breaking. However, I think the percentage of us that have unachieved ambitions, dreams and goals is probably quite high. For some that will be for reasons totally out of their hands. However, if we do have the capacity, resources and the passion, why not give it our best shot, in whichever way is right for us.

I would love to hear any tips and strategies that work for you.

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