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Working Together

Your employees are
your biggest asset.

Help them thrive and grow in their careers with a coaching package tailored to suit their development needs. Each coaching program will begin with clear expectations being set between the business, the individual and the coach. 

Coaching Packages

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Career Progression Program 

This program will focus on career progression. Whether that is supporting the individual to flourish in their current role or progress their career within the business. Each program is tailored specifically for the individual’s needs, areas of focus will generally be around, strengths, development areas, values, influencing styles and career relationships. By the end of the programme, the individual will have made progress and gained clarity and confidence in their next steps.

Life Coach

Bespoke Coaching Program

A bespoke program for your leaders or employees, which can include topics such as can include topics such as, achieving business goals, improving confidence, managing change, support for those facing redundancy, juggling multiple priorities and time. 

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Coaching for Wellness

Healthy employees are happier, more productive and are more likely to stay in the business.  This program will focus on the individual’s wellbeing as a whole. Helping them develop strategies and practices that will enhance their overall sense of wellness.


Leadership Coaching Program

Strong and effective leadership is critical to business success. This program focuses on enhancing the individual’s leadership abilities. A typical program will begin with a behavioural preferences and strengths analysis, through Prism Brain Mapping, to help the individual really understand their behavioural strengths the impact of these. Further sessions will focus on, their own leadership style, general strengths influencing ability as well areas for development.

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Regular Leadership
and Executive Coaching

Coaching can be a great ongoing development tool and having a regular impartial person to bounce ideas off, challenge thinking and support a person in their role can be a huge benefit.  Regular sessions can be arranged to suit requirements. 

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1.5-hour Ignite coaching session

A super focused session to get goals off the ground can be invaluable. A clear objective for the session will be set, and then the time will be dedicated on exploring, unpacking, and then focusing on required action going forward.


A good coach will be a catalyst in helping you achieve your dreams, aspirations, and goals.

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Wellbeing Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Workshop (up to 12 people)

A 2-hour workshop exploring how mindfulness can reduce stress and positively impact wellbeing. The workshop will be a blend, of practicing mindfulness techniques as well as learning tips and practical information to take away and use in everyday life. 

Similing Team

Developing Team Dynamics

Create stronger, more effective teams, though understand each other’s behavioural styles and the impact these have on team effectiveness. Find solutions to enable stronger, and better working relationships for the benefit of the team and the wider business. Each person will get detailed behavioural preference report and feedback session. Then everyone will come together for a half day group coaching session, which will be focused on using the insights to improve and develop the team.

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Coaching for Leaders and Managers – Half Day Workshop

In this workshop your leaders and managers will learn a variety of coaching tools and techniques to help develop their teams. They will walk away with practical solutions, which can be implemented straight away.


Understanding Behavioural Strengths and Impacts

Understanding our own behavioural strengths can greatly benefit many areas of our lives. This package includes a detailed behavioural strength report, a feedback session to go through the results and then a follow up 1 1/12-hour coaching session to explore how to use the results for progression. 


Costs are bespoke and based on client requirements, as a guide:


Webinars start from £450

Coaching Packages start from £750

Workshops start from £950

For Individuals
Business Meeting

What Clients Say

"Before I started working with Naomi I was feeling very overwhelmed and a little directionless within my career. Naomi was calm, patient and gave me the tools to help me focus in on what was important to me and how to cope with the situations that I was struggling with. I now feel more confident in my own convictions and this is, in large part, due to Naomi's intuitive and sensitive approach to our sessions. She is very easy to talk to and I really enjoyed working with her."
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